Software Development

We are currently focused on developing Multimedia/Audio applications for macOS and iOS platforms. We also are available to assist you in the development of your application from initial concept to release on the App Store.

Store Shopper iOS App

Store Shopper is a shopping list application specifically focused on shopping by destination. You don't create separate lists. Each item is assigned to one or more stores. Once needed items are selected, store based shopping lists are created automatically. When you are going to shop at a particular store you select it from the Shop screen. Any items you purchase while in that store are removed from all the other stores.
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MIDI Scope iOS App

Monitor MIDI events on your iOS Device
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Healthcare Plan Compare iOS App

Compare pricing of multiple healthcare plans and see which one is best for your budget. Change the "Max out of pocket" percentage slider to interactively update results. Enter monthly premium, annual deductible, max out of pocket, and annual subsidy for each plan and the app does the rest. You can name the plans, and save them for future use. Great for picking the best ACA (ObamaCare) plan such as Platinum vs. Gold vs. Silver vs. Bronze, or HMO vs. HSA vs. PPO vs. POS. Compare a high deductible HSA against a standard PPO plan.
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